Terms and Conditions

Special COVID-19 Notes:

The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted travel and tourism worldwide. Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast is committed to providing a safe and sanitary environment for guests. Your health and satisfaction are our top priority. Please maintain mandated protocols  for social distancing (6+ feet apart ) when mingling with other guests in common areas and also during the breakfast meal.  Common sense regarding handwashing and personal hygiene will always rule the day. Enjoy your stay, but remain respectful  during this unprecedented moment in history.

*Please note, hand sanitizer will be provided free of charge in and throughout our facility

*Linens are sanitized and replaced  daily between guests. 

*All common areas are sanitized/disinfected daily, including door handles, light switches, and fabrics. 

We are committed to your safety and well being!   However, even with the most rigorous safeguards, guests could potentially touch a contaminated atypical touch point and/or forget to use our provided sanitizers/disinfectants before touching a common space touch point between our cleanings. For this reason, we have included viral and bacteria exposures in the hold harmless clause listed below.

By reserving your stay at Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast, you are agreeing to the Hold Harmless Clause detailed below. 



A 25% deposit is required at the time of reservation and is charged through PayPal. The remaining balance is due on the day of check-in and will be collected at that time.


All rooms and breakfast are typically prepared for two person occupancies.  Our master suite is equipped to accommodate up to five guests. We can also offer a portable roll away bed to accommodate an additional guest per room. A fee of $15.00 will be charged per person to entertain additional patrons after the two person occupancy is exceeded.   Also of note, the only animals permitted in our facility are those brought by guests who require certified service animals for medical conditions.   Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds of Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast. Any violation of these mandates will be grounds for dismissal from our facility and/or fines related to clean-up and quality control. 



Check-In time is between the hours of 4pm and 6pm. Check-Out time is any time before 11am. We are generally flexible if guests require alternate check-in and check-out times, however, any exceptions to designated times will require proprietor pre-approval and may include incremental charges.


Common areas include and are not restricted to the following areas: sitting room with piano, dining/sitting areas, downstairs half bath, upstairs full bath, all outdoor spaces including the front porch, barn, picnic areas, and nature trails.

Bicycles are available for guests to use free of charge. Please check with proprietors to arrange usage. 


Introduction with Cautionary Examples of Risks at Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast: 

(In order to enjoy life, there are always potential risks.)

Avoiding injury from any animal  at Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast, whether wild or tame. requires caution and/or avoidance. We are required by law to allow all documented service animals on site. The proprietors have well behaved animals restricted to non-guest areas within the facility. Because of our location in and around Harmonie State Park , there is also the potential to encounter wildlife on the property. Our acreage is a natural habitat where trees may fall in wind storms or when age/disease weakens them. Falling trees could damage you or your property. The potential for cuts exist with remnants of thorny plants, barb wire and other fences that are on our boundaries and in our forested areas. We have a parking lot area and gravel driveway that could have accidents from things like thrown rocks or collisions with other vehicles.

We have a shallow fish pond that can represent a drowning or other injury risk. Visitors have access to our picturesque  grounds and trails where all sorts of wild and potentially dangerous snakes, birds, and other animals roam freely.

The stairs and elevated porches require guests to maintain a  reasonable  height awareness and caution to avoid a serious fall resulting in injury.  We offer occasional transportation services with the same potential for accident that any roadway has. Users of our parking areas and bicycles assume full responsibility for any incidents that could damage vehicles, contents or personnel. Lawn maintenance and Mother Nature via erosion, plant growth, animals, or otherwise, have made some of our pathways and forests walkways uneven, with numerous tripping hazards that could result in hiker or biker injuries. 

We work hard to provide a safe environment for our guests, however certain situations could be a result of patron actions, elements beyond our control (e.g. uninsured or hit and run motorist collisions, breaking and/or entering theft issues, and recent bacteria/virus contamination) , or beyond reasonable maintenance and safeguard expectations. The Hold Harmless Agreement outlined below would hold Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast and associated entities and corporations harmless for these items which would not be limited to items discussed above, but would at least include all elements discussed above..

Purchases, Reservations, Support Concurrence and/or Attendance Implies Your Agreement:

Because we are trying to reduce insurance costs that we would have to pass onto you;  we are compelled to require your adherence to a Hold Harmless Agreement with Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast. The agreement is in force starting  with the earliest date that a reservation with Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast is made.  The agreement also extends to guests that step onto Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast property, participate in any function on the property, agree to purchase anything from  Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast, or commit to accept services or products from Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast.  To any and all persons whom the above situations include, you are agreeing to the Hold Harmless Agreement as implicitly stated below. ‍

Hold Harmless Agreement:

This Hold Harmless Agreement (this "agreement") is made effective from the date listed in  the paragraph above by and between Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast, LLC and any entity or personnel  renting assets on the property being operated by Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast of  5150 Old Plank Rd N, New Harmony, IN, 47631. This agreement also extends to 

any personnel or entity attending a function associated with Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast, coming onto the property owned and/or operated by Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast, and/or renting anything from Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast.

WHEREAS, Clients desire to hold harmless Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast from any claims and/or litigation arising from Clients actions and participation in connection with encountering, presenting and interfacing  with animals of all sorts, hiking, walking, cycling, jogging, running, exercising, stair usage,  bathroom usage, elevated area and areas below elevated area usage, furniture usage, hot equipment usage, slipping on wet floors in baths, near fountains and on walkways, encountering broken glass not known by Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast to be there, driving on property roadways, using property parking lots , using property gates, being around lawn and ground care activities, walkway usage, viewing or being near fountains/water features, consuming beverages and foodstuffs.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions contained herein, and Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast, CLIENTS hereby agree as follows:


CLIENTS shall fully defend, indemnify, and hold harmless  from Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast any claims, lawsuits, demands, causes of action, liability, loss damage and/or injury, of any kind whatsoever (including without limitation all claims for monetary loss, property damage, equitable relief, personal injury, illness recovery or mitigations and/or wrongful death), whether brought by an individual or other entity, or imposed by a court of law or by administrative actions of any federal, state or local governmental body or agency, arising out of , in any way whatsoever, any acts, omissions, negligence, or willful misconduct on the part of Clients, its officers, owners, personnel employees, agents, contractors, invitees, or volunteers. This indemnification applies to and includes, without limitations, the payment of all penalties, fines, judgements, awards, decrees, attorney's fees, and related costs or expenses and any reimbursements to Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast for all legal fees, expenses, and costs incurred by it.

Viral (eg Covid-19) and Bacterial Element Specifics of the Hold Harmless Agreement:

As a guest, visitor, client or contractor of Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast, you agree to release and hold-harmless Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast,LLC, any of it's affiliated corporations or individuals, its innkeepers, employees, and vendors from and against all claims for damages and liability resulting from exposure to any disease-causing organisms, such as COVID-19, and contaminated objects.

Guests, visitors and clients understand and agree that the risk of disease exposure will still exist. If symptoms begin during guests' visit, they are required to inform the Innkeepers immediately and leave to return home if possible. If departure is not possible, guests must self-isolate for the remainder of their stay and the Department of Health must be contacted immediately. If a guest is exposed to COVID-19 or any other disease or contracts the disease during their stay and has to be self-quarantined at the Bed and Breakfast, additional charges based on the original nightly rates will apply.

Only registered guests listed on the reservation and pre-approved by innkeepers are allowed on the property grounds and in guestrooms. Personal visitors and unregistered/unapproved companions are not authorized to enter the property at any time. For any client's guest, the clients  are required to inform them of all terms and conditions (including hold harmless clauses)--Note: All client's guests must first be pre-approved by Innkeepers.

All clients, guests and visitors may not enter the premises if they have symptoms of respiratory illness. If a guest has signs of sickness, such guest must reschedule their stay. 

Guests are not required to wear masks in common indoor areas but may do so for personal reasons. 

During your visit/stay at Sophie Grace's Bed and Breakfast:

-         Sanitize hands with alcohol hand wash provided in the common area.

            (especially before touching and handles and buttons in the common areas)

-         Use tissues to capture any coughs or sneezes.

-         Regularly wash hands.

-         Keep a sensible distance from each other and avoid contact.